GRE exam in Lagos has changed due to COVID 19. Having made the ETS owner of the GRE/TOEFL exam improve on different ways of doing the exam. I know many people are struggling with the GRE exam. Due to a lack of preparation and time. I have good news for you if only you can follow these easy steps. You will find yourself flying high in any of these exams.

The focus of this trend is to maximize the opportunity you have now. Utilize it to the best of your interest so you can kiss goodbye to exam failure. I understand that it isn’t that you cannot pass the GRE exam on your own. Without taking lectures but you need some type of dedication and a lot of commitment.  which apparently you do not have at the moment. You go out early to work and also face the heavy traffic back to your home. After a very stressful day especially Lagos traffic. This can be very annoying, even when you get home, you have to deal with the kids, electricity, and home issues. A lot more before you finally go to bed. This continues on a daily basis throughout the whole year. Even your weekend is also very busy with parties and your Sundays are usually church service. Before you say JACK! It is Monday morning again the usual circle continues.


You have been out of university for a couple of years. Your intention is to try as much as you can to get back to school to either do your Master’s Degree, MBA, or complete your Ph.D. program. The battle to actualize these dreams becomes very slim as events unfold. Every day poses its own challenges. It isn’t that you are not a brilliant student After all, you wouldn’t have gotten your present employment if you weren’t that brilliant but you are saddled with everyday stress and your focus is beginning to shift from right to left.

I understand all this perfectly. I also know that you need some type of help, to move your career to the next level. It will require a high level of commitment and this you don’t have at all. I also understand you don’t want to write the GRE exam more than once because of the fear of failure. Lastly, you don’t want to miss out too on the world global stage you want to be competitive and push ahead in your career path. If you painstakingly read all the above mention information. They are typically addressing problems because I don’t like to be part of a problem but to be part of a solution. Am sure you will fall into one or two of these problems mentioned above. it is in my view that we can go on and on highlighting all the problems but the purpose of this information is to share with you 3 easy-step solutions that will help you solve all of these obstacles and you will be on a clear path to success.

MBA/ Lagos Business School Entrance Exam?

If you fall within this category of people who want to start their MBA program and you find out you will need to write the GMAT exam then you need not worry further, this is where you will find the solution to your problem. The GMAT exam is often called an overwhelming exam because of its very rigid nature and the fact that you have to think the way you are thinking to solve every problem. A lot of people run away from this exam because they attempt it once and failed, it makes them abandon their dreams or they ended up settling for less in terms of their career goal. Most importantly, to get admission into a good MBA school, you will need a 700 on the GMAT exam minimum but to be competitive and to get a scholarship from this institution you will be needing a 760 and above on this exam. To get such a score, you have to go the extra mile because the total score on the exam is 800.

The GRE Exam for your Masters’s program or MBA?

If you want to write GRE exam in Lagos (Graduate Record Examination) Organised by ETS is the commonly written exam for people who want to continue their master’s or MBA program in any of the Top ivy-league institutions in The United States, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, and the UK. if you plan on studying in any of these institutions, then you can rest assured that you will need the GRE exam result. The total score on the GRE exam is 340 both verbal and quantitative, each session is divided into three sessions, Verbal, Quantitative, and AWA. The verbal and the quantitative session are 170 each and the AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) is scored differently on a scale of 1-6.


The TOEFL exam is accepted worldwide and it is usually to test your English proficiency focusing mainly on the four aspects of Language which are Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. The total score is 120 and it shared 30 across each session of the exam. You may and may not need the TOEFL exam depending on your university of choice and we can advise you if it is needed or not.

Study Abroad GOOD news!!!

All this exam mentioned above, is any one of them a problem for you? How do you intend to solve this problem? what are your plans for solving them at the earliest possible time?

The SOLUTION TO GRE Exam in Lagos

If you answer YES to any of the questions above, then you are reading the right article. you will soon discover the solution to all of your problems and I guarantee you will smile at home after taking all the steps that I want to mention now. This offer is about to discuss and is limited only to a few months. I am hoping you will take this opportunity and act fast while offering last so you are not left out and never again allow anything else to hinder your progress.